We are average investors who through our years of investing (with mixed results) have discovered a technique for investing where the focus of the strategy is not capital gains but income.

We believe that investing for income will give far superior returns over time And is the true path to riches, treat financial security and peace of mind.

We have done very well with our  portfolios during this bear market and many people have been asking us how we do it.

We decided to start a free VOLUNTARY subscription e-letter that will begin to explain our thinking and strategies. We urge you to subscribe to our e-letter and let us know what you think.

We have not revealed who is behind investingforincome.com because we do not want to get requests directed to us personally. We have had many people send investingforincome.com email asking questions about individual trusts. We will limit our discussions to Income Trusts we own, viagra dosage plan to own or sell. We cannot possibly cover all Income Trusts. We will try and respond to all emails submitted until we are overwhelmed.

If our free subscriber base get large enough we will attract more supporters and we will be able to cover more Income Trusts.

You can help us by passing the word out about our web site and encourage people to sign up to our free e-letter. We need to reach critical mass.

We are not asking for any money from subscribers. We are doing this at our expense.

However, if we can justify a paid subscriber model in the future then we will disclose who we are.

Believe me, we are not any way related to the investment industry.

However, most of our income comes from our investments. We eat our own cooking.

We also invite you to submit your own essay, which we will consider sending out as a guest e-letter if we feel its well written, accurate and most of all polite. Stay away from specific investment ideas in your essay and focus on concepts and ideas. You will not get paid for your essay.

This concept is not just for Canadian investors but for investors from all over the world. We urge our friends in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world to forward their ideas because passive income is what we all desire. We urge you to send your investing ideas from your local markets so that we can all diversify our income streams.


Investing for Income


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